Atlanta Business Headshots with Veronica

When was the last time you had your headshot updated? Veronica contacted me about getting some updated Atlanta Business Headshots for her business. As a small business owner Veronica had a clear vision of what she wanted to capture from our time together and I was happy to work with her to achieve her goals. That's another thing that I love about photography, sometimes people have a clear direction they want to go and sometimes they don't. Either way it's an opportunity for me to present them in the best light possible, showcasing their natural beauty and personality. Veronica wanted clean, crisp and happy pictures that presented a warm picture. I was really pleased with the results. Have a look and see what you think.

I recently realized I hadn't updated my personal headshot and it was over 10 years old. As much as I like the 'younger look' my picture presented it was time to get an updated one. You can see mine at the bottom of this page

If you need an updated headshot or are looking for a different look, please contact us to set one up.


The British Photographer