Engagement Portraits Piedmont Park

If you didn't see my last post, I talked about my top 5 favorite spots to shoot in Atlanta See Post Here and so I was excited to get to shoot engagement portraits at Piedmont Park, Atlanta. It was the perfect day in Piedmont Park, the sun was shining, there weren't that many people around and I had the perfect couple to work with, Johnny and Drea who found me on Instagram and had recently got engaged. They were fun, full of laughter and had a passion for each other that was over flowing to everyone around them. Now, it's not unusual to meet on the internet these days, but there story is a little different than the normal dating internet stories. They met through a mutual friends Twitter feed, started chatting and have been inseparable ever since. They call themselves soul mates and say they were meant to be and spending time with them you can really see the chemistry they have together. Drea and Johnny are planning to get married in Alabama in September and are looking forward to the rest of their lives together. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed my time with them at Piedmont Park. Don't forget to email us today to set up your next photo shoot.

Drea and Johnny at Piedmont Park in the sunshine.

I love the wall at Piedmont Park that has the city in the background. It's a great spot to take a breather and get some fun photographs. The couple walked across the stone wall and spent time enjoying each other's company.

Drea and Jonny play together at Piedmont Park during their engagement portraits.

The hill at Piedmont Park makes for a dramatic picture with the city of Atlanta behind, contrasting the beautiful natural setting.

Drea and Johnny brought some friends along to their engagement photographs who helped them feel at ease and made them laugh at times. It was a great opportunity for them to catch up with friends and let them enjoy this special time in their lives.

They couldn't take their eyes off each other, which was so sweet to see.

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