Atlanta locations for photo shoots

Over the next few weeks I'm going to answer some of the most popular questions I get asked about photographing in Atlanta. This week I am starting with a really important one that comes up straight away, where shall we do the shoot?

My answer to the question is a question: what are you looking to achieve with your photographs?

Are you looking for a place with interesting older features? Do you want to be near water? Are you more drawn to an urban area, or do you want to look like you're surrounded only by nature? In Atlanta, your options are endless...

By figuring out the vibe you're going for, you can narrow down the list and find that perfect spot for your photos. Atlanta is an amazing place and provides every background you could ever want. You could even find a beach if you travel away from the city up to Acworth or some of the other lakes!

Here are a few of my favorite location in and around Atlanta...

1. Piedmont Park

It's hard not to fall in love with Piedmont Park. From the local weekly farmers market to the soccer fields, the large open green spaces, swimming pool, lake and many more features, it has something for everyone. My favorite thing about Piedmont is that there is always a private nook you can steal away to shoot in and it always looks different in every season. Another highlight is the wall with the view of the city behind, making a great backdrop to any photograph and a keepsake for many years to come.

Pictured above is the wall with the mid town area of Atlanta in the background.

Here is the dock at the lake at Piedmont Park, where Amanda and John enjoyed a quiet moment during their engagement photographs.

One thing I hear from people all the time is how much they love the fact that Atlanta has 4 beautiful and distinct seasons. The rich foliage in the spring make for the most beautiful pictures at Piedmont Park.

John and Amanda on the wall with mid town Atlanta pictured behind them.

Engagement pictures with Alli and Ben on the wall on a misty morning. The weather always plays a part of giving the photographs a different look and feel. I love the mystery and closeness that the fall mist brought out of this Atlanta photo shoot.

The Pavilion over the lake at Piedmont Park is the perfect setting for a "timeless romance" look for your Atlanta engagement shots.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons in Atlanta. Here a family enjoy the rich colors of the trees at Piedmont Park during their family photo shoot.

What a view! The lake provides a peaceful place to take a moment and enjoy the view of Atlanta's skyline.

The natural beauty of Piedmont Park provides some of the most unique places for every session.

2. Roswell, Georgia

Travel about 30 minutes from the city and you will find some amazing locations to take pictures near Atlanta. One of those is Roswell, Georgia. One place you'll definitely want to check out is Roswell Mill. Choose from an amazing bridge, waterfalls, wooded trails, and an old mill for the perfect spot for your photographs. The bridge and mill have more of an industrial feel, which make for great backdrops for any kind of shoot. Whether your photo shoot is for engagement, family, wedding or headshots, there is plenty to love about Roswell, GA.

Alli and Ben chose to take their pre-wedding photographs all around the Roswell Mill.

Above: They share a moment together by the old mill building. Below: The bridal party enjoy the sunshine by the "old" bridge (the bridge was actually built only a few years ago, but was designed in keeping with the style of the traditional architecture.)

This family photo shoot was done down by the creek at Roswell Mill. Ansley and Emmerson played in the water in the summer heat.

A few minutes walk from the Roswell Mill, you'll find Roswell's Town Square. It's a beautiful park with old trees, and a fountain. Above the Clements family enjoy the fall colors.

Stefanie and Brandon during their engagement shoot at the falls.

Roswell River bridge from a different angle. Isn't the architecture amazing?

Stefanie, Brandon and their dog George.

Back up at Roswell Town Square. In the spring and summer months, Roswell hosts Alive After 5 where families enjoy the park with food served by local food trucks. I highly recommend it. For more information visit

Roswell note: a professional photographer requires a permit to shoot within the city of Roswell, Georgia.

3. The Gardens at Cator Woolford

To get a completely different look than anywhere else you'll find in Atlanta, you HAVE to check out Cator Woolford. Full of old world charm, Cator Woolford is in Decatur Georgia- only a few minutes drive from Atlanta. I have shot weddings, engagement shoots and family pictures here and it is a great place. It's a beautiful, traditional garden that is so unexpected. We're talking: acres, yes I said it ACRES of forest, trails, manicured gardens, sculptures and historic buildings. If you want to shoot there just call and check there are no other events going on and they're happy to accommodate you. They do ask for a donation to be made to the Frazer Center, which is an amazing organization. Check out what they do at

John and Amanda on the steps at the Cator Woolford Garden.

Flower Girls at Cator Woolford garden in Decatur, GA.

It doesn't get much better than this. The beautiful Gardens at Cator Woolford during the fall make for an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Pictured above: John and Amanda on a wrought iron bridge beside the wedding gardens. This is just one of the many, totally unique places to take photos at Cator Woolford Gardens in Decatur, GA.

Justin and Leah at the top of the stairs during their engagement photographs at Cator Woolford. One of my favorite things about Cator Woolford Gardens is the way the light streams through the dense foliage. It gives such a romantic feel to all of your pictures.

There are so many different places and looks that can be made on the grounds at Cator Woolford.

4. Atlantic Station

Atlantic Station is a great place for a photo shoot. Although you can't shoot at the retail locations (the security guard will chase you off) you can shoot at the Millennium Gate and Gardens. One of the things that I like the most about this location is how big the buildings are that surround you. They can make for some epic photos. I would highly recommend this location for an engagement shoot or fashion shoot.

I had so much fun at the fashion shoot at the Millennium Gate for EIDEXIS.

Uber chic models looking fresh on the garden stairs at Atlantic Station

The clean lines and stone work you'll find at Atlantic Station bring a unique look to every photograph.

Qushawnda chose the Millennium Gate for her Atlantic Station Bridal Portraits.

One more favorite location at Atlantic Station- the bridge. It gives you that mix of nature and city that Atlanta is famous for.

5. East Cobb Park

East Cobb Park is a hidden gem located in the heart of East Cobb. It provides beautiful trees and abundant green spaces all running along with a creek with a beautiful bridge.

Thanks for stopping by! There are so many unique locations in and around Atlanta that I would love to share. Give us a call at 404 834 0649 or email to set up a free consultation.