Event - Samantha's Birthday Party

I had a wonderful time at Samantha's 6th birthday party. I have a 2 year old daughter of my own and I am excited but also very scared that this will one day be my future :)

The event was at The Farmhouse in the City which is a great location for a party. They have activities from painting, to dress up, to candy searching and of course petting animals. You can find out more about the venue at http://www.farmhouseinthecity.com and for more pictures please visit www.facebook.com/overherephotography and don't forget to like my page while you're there. Events like this are part of the reason I love photography so much, they are fun and its a chance to capture the magical moments of an event and give families something they can treasure for many years as they look back on it. Hire me for your next event - email overherephotography@gmail.com